Visit the Outer Banks for Your Duck Hunting Expedition

19 January 2023 |  Published By: Hotels OBX

By: Jennifer LeVine, AGM Comfort Inn South Oceanfront
The OBX has been a popular hunting game and waterfowl location for over a century, with duck hunting in Outer Banks, NC being the most popular activity. You will find spots where hunting is permitted, from The Hatteras Island National Seashore to the Northern beaches and the 4WD area of Carova Beach. Depending on which open season you would like to pursue, you may find over 27 species of waterfowl on the Outer Banks. Included in this list, but not limited to, are Redheads, Canvasbacks, Pintails, Buffleheads, and Widgeon. So, make plans to visit the outer banks!

Outer Banks Bird Migration

The Outer Banks' location along the Atlantic Flyway makes for an abundance of Swans, Geese, Ducks, and other waterfowl. The Outer Banks bird migration is part of the Atlantic Flyway and is one of the four major National migration routes that birds follow up and down the East Coast each year. It is a great reason to visit the Outer Banks for birdwatching and hunting.

Places to hunt in the Outer Banks

But where can you hunt when you visit the Outer Banks? While there are several prime locations, the most popular ones are on the water along Bodie Island. In the Sound, you will find many public duck blinds where you can station your boat, set up, and take aim. Just make sure you are in approved hunting areas. Locations like the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and Pelican Island are off-limits and closed to hunters. Don't be "that guy/girl" who gets in trouble here. It is Federal land and, therefore, a Federal Offense. EEEK!

Historical Hunting Landmarks

The Northern Outer Banks and the beaches of Currituck are also popular spots to visit in the Outer Banks. This area is the OG Hunting ground on the Outer Banks. The Whalehead Club in Corolla has been around for over a century. It's an original hunting club on The Outer Banks. Once a spot for presidents to visit the Outer Banks and hunt, it's now a historical landmark. The visitor's center is also pretty cool; you should check it out! You will need a shallow draft boat to hunt the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge marshes, but the bounty of birds is sure to make it worth your effort.

Top 3 Tips for a Successful Hunting Visit to the Outer Banks

 • Follow The Rules
 • Hire a Guide
 • Bring the Right Gear
1. Follow the rules!
Remember that all hunters on the Outer Banks must have a VALID state license and a permit or two... Getting a permit for general hunting regions on the Outer Banks can be found on the North Carolina Wildlife Resources (NCWR) website. You may also need a second permit to hunt on the Reserves and Refuges. You can apply for this additional permit at both visitor center locations on the Outer Banks. You can find further information on the rules and regulations for hunting the reserves. Before you visit the Outer Banks, plan and research which permits and documentation, you need to get the permits.
2. Do you need a guide?
The answer to this for seasoned hunters may be no, but keep in mind they will make your excursion more efficient. Newbies to the waterfowl and duck hunting scene should consider obtaining a guide, especially on their first visit to the Outer Banks. The guide will cover the boat and decoys while you take care of the guns, ammunition, and coolers. You can find guides using Google and searching for Waterfowl Guides Outer Banks. Many results will appear in a quick search; read the reviews, and set up your hunting trip with them.
3. Bring the right gear!
Waterproof clothing is a necessity for hunting here on The Outer Banks. Traveling through 2’-4' of sound water is not uncommon to get to those prime locations. Waders should be on your list to pack. Camo gear is also the way to go. Yes, you are hunting on the water, but you are using a duck blind or the marshes for stealth. Don't get spotted! Also, dress for the weather of The Outer Banks. The weather forecaster may call for a balmy 60 degrees, but the early mornings will still be in the 30s! Don't worry; our Outer Banks hotels on the beach have spacious rooms to keep everything organized.

Outer Banks Hotels On The Beach

Let's talk about the best outer banks hotels on the beach. Of all the Kill Devil Hills Oceanfront hotels, the Comfort Inn On The Ocean is the right choice. While you focus on your duck-hunting expedition, they will be your home away from home. If you plan to come as a group with 10 or more rooms, contact our sales team about group rates at one of our hotels.
Comfort Inn On The Ocean Amenities
 • Complimentary breakfast
 • Full-service restaurant with room service
 • Private balconies
 • In-room refrigerator and microwave
 • Clean, spacious rooms
If you prefer to be in Nags head, the Comfort Inn South Oceanfront is where you should make your reservation for your upcoming visit to the Outer Banks. This Outer Banks hotel on the beach is only 10 minutes from Bodie Island.
Comfort Inn South Oceanfront Amenities
 • Complimentary breakfast
 • Private Balconies
 • In-room refrigerator and microwave
 • Clean and spacious rooms
We hope you stay at one of our beautiful Outer Banks hotels on the beach when you come to enjoy one of the oldest sports on the Outer Banks. When you do, our welcoming staff will set up that early wake-up call and have a breakfast bag waiting for you; just let a staff member know you will need one. The coffee in our lobby is always hot and fresh. We will be sure to make it a great start to your day. our hotels in OBX like Comfort Inn South Oceanfront and Comfort inn on the ocean on the beach or  Contact us at 2524416333 and 2524416315  Safe travels! We will see you soon!

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