Secret Beaches of the Outer Banks: Secluded Sands for a Tranquil Escape

26 September 2023 |  Published By: Hotels OBX

By Christine Flanagan, Marketing Manager and Facilities Coordinator

Outer Banks Tranquil Escape

The Outer Banks is a popular tourist destination for good reason. The area is beautiful, and there is such a variety of activities everyone can find something to enjoy. The summer months are typically the busiest, with kids out of school and more people traveling. Spending time at the beach is more relaxing if you have plenty of space to spread out. We have some tips if you are looking for a secret or lesser-known beach!

Unique Experiences and Natural Beauty

According to Southern Living, 2 of the best beaches in North Carolina are located in Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head. This is excellent news! Our two Outer Banks oceanfront hotels are in these towns. There are specific public beach access points. These are the areas that will likely be more crowded. The Comfort Inn on the Ocean and the Comfort Inn South Oceanfront are two convenient OBX hotels on the beach. While the beach access behind the hotels won’t necessarily be private, they are typically less crowded. Reserve your room at our beachfront hotels in the Outer Banks, NC, for the most convenient beach access. Take in the sights and sounds of the Atlantic Ocean from your hotel's oceanfront balcony.

Preserving the Environment

Outer Banks hotels on the beach, residents and tourists can all participate in helping preserve the beaches. If we want gorgeous beaches to vacation year after year, we must help maintain the beauty. The 7 Leave No Trace Principles can be applied to any outdoor adventure and are great reminders while exploring.

Responsible Travel and Preservation Tips

  • Bring an extra bag to the beach to remove trash and plastic.
  • If you brought it to the beach, pack it and take it home. Leave the space clean.
  • Discard/recycle the fishing line appropriately.
  • Avoid single-use water bottles. Pack reusable containers.
  • Clean up after dogs.
  • Refill any large holes dug.
  • Do not feed wildlife.

Hidden Gems of the Outer Banks

  • Ocracoke Island
Ocracoke Island is about a 2.5-hour drive from our beachfront hotels in Outer Banks, NC. This drive includes a tranquil ferry ride. This beach area is different because there aren’t any houses or Outer Banks oceanfront hotels. There is a National Park Service campground where all sites are standard nonelectric. There are 16 miles of gorgeous beach to explore, swim, surf, and relax. While in the area, check out the Ocracoke Lighthouse; it was built in 1823. You'll also want to add the Hammock Hills Nature Trails to your must-see list while in the area. It’s ¾ mile loop with views like you’ve never seen. In the village, there are places to eat and shop before returning to your OBX hotel on the beach. Here, you can enjoy miles of practically empty beach and may even see the legendary Corolla wild horses. There aren’t too many places that allow you to feel this free and embrace being one with nature. This area is accessible only by 4x4 since you’ll drive on the sand. Just remember there aren’t any OBX hotels on the beach. But you can rent or bring your kayak and explore the sound.

Tips for Planning Your Visit

Take time to research and prepare before visiting a more secluded location. If your car doesn’t have 4x4, also called four-wheel drive or 4WD, you aren’t going to make it driving on the sand. Driving on the sand and then getting stuck would be a huge mistake. You’d be surprised because it still happens! You’ll also want to research the best PSI for your tires when driving on sand. We’ve seen recommendations range between 15-20 psi, but we work in hospitality, not on trucks, so do your research.

Pack Essentials for Your Beach Trip

Because you will do your research in advance, you’ll know where you’d like to go on your trip and possibly even the places you want to eat at. Always prepare for the unexpected. Bring extra water, snacks, sunscreen, and towels. Have a general idea of the weather conditions for the day. If you will be swimming, have a buddy and understand rip currents, ride tide, and undertows.

Beachfront Hotels in Outer Banks, NC

Our OBX hotels on the beach allow guests easy and convenient access to the beach. The hotels are also conveniently located near many other local attractions and restaurants. Centrally located in the Outer Banks, guests can explore various areas while on vacation. Experience all the Outer Banks offers, including secluded beaches, for a memorable vacation. We encourage exploring the trails through nature preserves and soaking up the sun at the beach. Remember to respect the land and be aware of wildlife that lives there year-round. Visit the most beautiful areas of OBX. Contact us to spend a long weekend or a week at one of our beachfront hotels in Outer Banks, NC.

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