Hidden Gems of the Outer Banks: Off-Beat Destinations Worth Exploring

26 September 2023 |  Published By: Hotels OBX

By Christine Flanagan, Marketing Manager and Facilities Coordinator

Off-Beat Destinations: Pirate Themed

Ahoy, ye landlubbers!   Since it was just Talk Like a Pirate Day, this is the perfect time to regale you with a few folklore tales on how pirates influence this beautiful island. The history surrounding pirates in the Outer Banks, particularly Edward Teach, better known as the infamous Blackbeard, shows how they loved to use the region for their nefarious acts and dealings. The names of the towns where our two beachfront hotels in Outer Banks, NC, get their names from pirates.   Well, maybe it’s a fact mixed with some lore, but it’s fun, just the same.  

Nags Head History

Nags Head is where our Comfort Inn South Oceanfront hotel is located. The name is closely tied to pirates and their nefarious practices to capture ships and steal dry goods. You see, a long time ago, pirates would use the coastline of The Outer Banks to lure ships carrying goods closer to land. Off the shoreline, Outer Banks sandbars in North Carolina create hazards for ships traveling the area, especially at night. The pirates would take old horses (nags) and tie a lantern around their necks (heads). They would then walk these horses up and down short stretches of the beach. This action would cause passing ships to think that a lighthouse was guiding them and that it was safe to come closer to land. It caused the ships to wreck, allowing the pirates to steal the ships' goods and treasures. Many of these shipwrecks can still be seen today in certain tidal zones. You can get a map of shipwrecks in the area from several gift shops or bookstores in the area.  

Kill Devil Hills Origins

Our Comfort Inn on the Ocean hotel is in the heart of Kill Devil Hills. As you can imagine, long ago, the area was mostly sand and dunes made by the wind and water off the coast. These dunes, or hills, were very prevalent. Continuing with the above practice, it is said that Kill Devil Hills is also named for pirates and their practices. You see, after one of the ships was wrecked by the Nags walking the beach, a shipment of rum was brought to shore. As the pirates were celebrating the downing of another ship, they started to drink the rum. This was no ordinary rum, though.  The rum was so strong that the pirates drinking it exclaimed that it was strong enough to kill the devil, giving our little town its name. Many years later, Kill Devil Hills is home to beautiful beaches that our travelers enjoy. 

Talk Like a Pirate

Don’t forget to brush up on your pirate lingo! Here are a few phrases to get you started.
  • A landlubber is someone who doesn’t sail or can’t sail.
  • Ahoy is like saying hello!
  • The Jolly Roger is the pirates' famous black flag with a white skull and crossbones.
  • The term 'scurvy' is used as a negative way to describe something that is considered unpleasant or repulsive.
  • ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ is often used as a threat or to indicate no survivors. The phrase means dead individuals cannot reveal secrets.

Pirate Themed Activities

  • Experience pirate-themed fun for the whole family at Mutiny Bay Adventure Golf Course, an 18-hole mini-golf course. This mini-golf course is located in Nags Head near our beachfront hotels in Outer Banks, NC.
  • If you want a unique OBX place to eat, check out the Jolly Roger. Open for over 40 years, the Jolly Roger serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort features exhibits on Blackbeard’s flagship and local ghost walking tours that bring the stories to life.
  • The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum provides scavenger hunts throughout the museum and offers additional information and facts about the area’s history.

Beachfront Hotels in the Outer Banks, NC

When you’re done exploring the area, reserve an Outer Banks hotel with an oceanfront balcony. Both of our Comfort Inns OBX have oceanfront balcony rooms. Witness the breathtaking sight of the sky seeming to catch on fire during the sunrise. Enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean while you sip your morning coffee. The two popular beachfront hotels in the Outer Banks, NC are the Comfort Inn on the Ocean and the Comfort Inn South Oceanfront.

OBX Comfort Inn on the Ocean

The location of this beachfront hotel in the Outer Banks, NC is amazing. As we mentioned earlier located in Kill Devil Hills, this oceanfront hotel is near many local activities. Relax with a swim or sunbath at the outdoor seasonal pool. Enjoy a delicious complimentary breakfast. Take your breakfast to go and sit out on the back deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Or better yet take in the view from your Outer Banks hotel's oceanfront balcony!

OBX Comfort Inn South Oceanfront

Our Comfort Inn South is like no other beachfront hotel in the Outer Banks. With an expansive back deck overlooking the ocean, it’s perfect for lounging around after a busy day of exploring. If you aren’t already a member sign up for the Choice Privilege rewards program to earn points during your stay. This Choice Hotels property includes complimentary continental breakfast. An outdoor seasonal pool is located off the back deck. This is one of the tallest Outer Banks hotels with an oceanfront balcony room type option.Come explore all the Outer Banks, NC has to offer, pirate themed or not! You’ll have a blast discovering all the area has to offer including the miles of beautiful beaches. Reserve your room in our hotels in OBX like Comfort Inn South Oceanfront and Comfort inn on the ocean on the beach or  Contact us at 2524416333 and 2524416315  Safe travels! We will see you soon!

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