Guide to Saving Money On Your Destination Wedding In the OBX

13 April 2023 |  Published By: Hotels OBX

By Christine Flanagan, Marketing Manager and Facilities Coordinator Congratulations! You’re engaged and decided to step away from the traditional hometown wedding and tie the knot in the Outer Banks. With miles of beaches and breathtaking views, it is the perfect backdrop for your special day. But hosting a destination wedding can be expensive. Don’t let that deter you - follow this guide to plan a budget-friendly OBX destination wedding that won’t break the bank. With our vast knowledge of Outer Banks wedding venues and group travel rates, we can provide insider information and prove there are ways to save money without sacrificing the beauty and charm of this picturesque location. Here are 5 tips to help you save on your Outer Banks wedding venue.

Off-season weddings: 

Consider having your wedding during the off-season, typically from November to March, when the rates are lower, and the crowds are thinner.
  • Lower prices: Outer Banks wedding venues may offer special discounts or are generally less expensive than peak-season weddings, allowing you to save money while still having a beautiful wedding.
  • Less Crowded: The OBX is a popular wedding destination, and off-season weddings can mean fewer crowds and less competition for Outer Banks wedding venues and vendors.
  • Mild Weather: The Outer Banks has a mild climate, even in the off-season. With average temperatures in the 60s, you can still enjoy outdoor activities and beautiful scenery without the summer heat.
  • Stunning Scenery: The Outer Banks is known for its stunning natural beauty, and off-season weddings allow you to enjoy it without the crowds.
  • Unique Experience: An off-season wedding in the Outer Banks can provide a more unique and intimate experience for you and your guests, making your special day even more memorable.

Be Flexible on the Date 

Weekends are usually more expensive, so consider having your wedding on a weekday to save money. Outer Banks wedding venues and vendors may offer lower rates on weekdays because they are not in as high demand as on weekends. Also, you may have more flexibility in choosing your date and time because there are fewer events scheduled during the week.

DIY decorations and more!

The Outer Banks’ natural beauty can be the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Instead of expensive decorations, consider using natural elements such as seashells and driftwood.
  • Skip printing Save the Date cards to save some money on printing and postage. Look at DIY options for invitations, or go with an electronic option instead. 
  • Create a DIY photo booth (selfie booth) using a backdrop, props, and a tripod. Post a sign with your unique wedding hashtag so guests can tag photos on Instagram, and you can see them later. 
  • Decorate with DIY centerpieces using flowers, candles, or even fruit. You can find tutorials online for creating unique and budget-friendly centerpieces.
  • Make your wedding favors using a DIY candy buffet, where guests can choose different candies to enjoy. 
  • Depending on the size of your wedding, you can even create a playlist of your favorite songs instead of hiring a DJ. You can easily use a streaming service or create a playlist on your own device to keep the party going all night long.

Plan your wedding reception in a hotel banquet room. 

Finding the right venue is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable Outer Banks wedding venues to choose from. Beachfront hotel banquet rooms are usually one of the least expensive options for hosting a reception, as many hotels offer group travel rates for large parties. And if you want something more rustic, tons of outdoor locations are also available – including park pavilions and nature centers – all at an affordable price. 
  • Convenience: A hotel banquet room provides a one-stop shop for your wedding needs, including catering, decor, and accommodations for out-of-town guests.
  • Space: Most hotel banquet rooms are large enough to accommodate both the ceremony and reception, eliminating the need for transportation between venues.
  • Professionalism: Hotel staff are experienced in hosting weddings and can provide a high level of service and attention to detail for your event.
  • Weather-proof: With an indoor Outer Banks wedding venue, you don't have to worry about the weather ruining your special day.
  • Flexibility: Hotel banquet rooms can be customized to fit your specific vision and needs, from the layout to the menu.

Local vendors 

Look for local vendors instead of big chains. They are often more affordable and can offer a more personalized touch to your Outer Banks wedding.
  • Local vendors often offer a more personalized experience for your wedding reception.
  • Supporting local businesses helps boost the local economy and community.
  • Local vendors may have unique offerings unavailable at big chain stores.
  • Working with local vendors can lead to a more collaborative and creative planning process.

Bonus – Group Travel Rates

Out-of-town guests will need somewhere to stay during your wedding celebration, so make sure you inquire about group travel rates with local hotels for your guests. Many hotels offer discounts on multiple rooms booked together, usually with at least 10 rooms. Group travel rates can also apply to transportation options such as buses or shuttles if your ceremony is in one location and the reception in another!  ​
  • Group travel rates can simplify logistics: When you book travel for a group, you can often coordinate transportation and accommodations more easily. This can help streamline the planning process and reduce the risk of miscommunications or misunderstandings.
  • Group travel rates can enhance the experience: When you travel with a group, you may be able to take advantage of special group activities or experiences unavailable to individual travelers. This can help create a more memorable and enjoyable trip for everyone involved.
Planning an OBX destination wedding doesn't have to cost a fortune – just be creative about where and how you spend your money! From choosing an affordable Outer Banks wedding venue to negotiating group travel rates and organizing your own events, these tips will help ensure that your special day is memorable and budget-friendly! With some planning and creativity, you can save money on your Outer Banks wedding while still having a beautiful and memorable experience. Contact us at 2524416333 and 2524416315  about group travel rates or schedule a tour of our Outer Banks wedding venues.

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